Is Chris Dixon II the Best Ever?


“Losers put up numbers because they’re always playing from behind. When a winner put ups numbers it’s because he is expected to put up the numbers to help the team win”  

This past season the Texas Revolution suddenly found themselves without a Quarterback. Robert Kent who earned the Champions Indoor Football League MVP award in 2016, was felled by an injury during training camp just days before the opening game of the 2017 season. Team officials, including NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown and team Owner and IFL Hall of Famer Tommy Benizio knew they needed someone who could lead, but not just any QB would do. Sure there were a lot of free-agents available, including some who were pretty good, but the top brass doubted any of them could lead the team to a championship. Under Robert Kent, the Revs had won the Southern Division by two games, but were eventually defeated by rival Amarillo in the playoffs. The team believed itself ready to take the next step, but without Kent, the odds were long. Enter Chris Dixon II. Dixon had been an extraordinary player in his time and had the resume to prove it. In his first season, he won the NAFL Rookie of the Year, the NAFL Championship, and was the Championship Game MVP. He went on to add six more championships, four more MVP awards, and in 2016, he was inducted into the IFL Hall of Fame. The problem was he had retired as a player in 2014, and had become the Head Coach of the Billings Wolves. That team folded after the 2016 season which meant Dixon was possibly available. The call went out, and Dixon answered. What happened next was just one more incredible chapter in Dixon’s book full of incredible stories.