How to Recognize a Match That Has Been Scored

According to a sommeone fromthe international police agency, Interpol, “Every time a score fixer is caught, the incident will be the headline of the news. However, this is because it is a rare thing,” said an Interpol spokesman as quoted by South China Morning Post.

One way to recognize score fixing is through the track record of the betting market. This is what Sportradar, a company that collaborates with various world football federations, is doing to detect anomalies in the betting market.

According to an interview with the BBC in 2010, Sportradar said that every weekend they will observe about 800 matches that take place in Europe. The teams that compete in the match which is indicated as having been arranged, will have odd odds of winning.

“Usually a team that visits the opponent’s headquarters has a 30 percent chance of winning, but there are some matches where the odds jump up to 85 percent,” said Darren Small of Sportradar.

He said, the matches that have been arranged, the odds rarely change while the match is in progress.

Small himself had observed a match in Eastern Europe where the visitors had a very high chance of winning. However, when the hosts took the lead, there was no significant change in the odds for the visitors to win. This is an indication that the bettors will not turn to support the home team.

Matches like that were suspected as having arranged the outcome.

Meanwhile, Bookiesamurai provides simple tips for detecting matches that have been tampered with by the dealer.

Gambling houses that have official licenses to operate, such as Bwin and Sportingbet, have got algorithms to detect indications of fixing in a match. They will remove these matches from the list of matches that can be bet on.

This means, if well-known gambling sites like the two don’t register certain matches, then the match could have already been scored.

But not all matches can be arranged easily. According to Professor David Forrest of Salford University said to live skor bola livescore31, the matches that are most often scored are the end of the season, when neither team has something to fight for.

“Sportsmen really like to win, so the level of corruption at prestigious events will be lower. It is very difficult to find players in the Premier League who want to put their career on the line, except for players who are at the end of their career. However, referees and players in the upper division low does not have high risk. ”

“Bribing the referee can give you more control over the match, rather than bribing two or three players – which is difficult to do.”

“In the Premier League itself there is a very large betting market that guesses the number of yellow cards a referee has issued.”