Messi gives information Barcelona wants to move through Burofax, what does that mean? : Okezone Bola

LIONEL MESSI still have a contract with Blaugrana However, this ends in June 2021. However, the Argentine has a clause that gives him the right to terminate his contract at the end of each season.

Citing the Spanish media, Deportes Cuatro announced on Wednesday (26.8.2020) Messi also with Barcelona that he intends to leave Camp Nou through Burofax.

What is Burofax?

According to the US, the media also based in Spain, Burofax is a service of the Spanish Post Office that is used to send the necessary documents to prove the mailing of the document, as well as the content of the document.

The court receives a delivery receipt from the sender as proof that the documents in question have actually been sent.

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Messi is relying on a clause in his contract that allows him to unilaterally terminate the deal at the end of the season.

The 2019-2020 season ended longer due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Messi’s lawyers are assessing the end of the 2019-2020 season after the 2019-2020 Champions League final on Sunday 23 August 2020 local time.

With the Burofax, Messi can prove that he informed Barcelona on a specific date (allegedly August 20th) that he was exercising his right to terminate the contract.

If the matter reaches a judge, Messi’s attorney can use burofax to prove that Barcelona have been informed of Messi’s decision by that date. That is, the club cannot claim that it did not receive the letter.

Messi is reportedly very frustrated with Barca’s performance this season which he thinks is suboptimal and embarrassing.

The Blaugrana have no title this season. They lost five points to their main rival Real Madrid in the race for the Spanish La Liga crown.

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The most painful and humiliating defeat occurred when Barcelona suffered a Bayern Munich massacre in the 2019-2020 quarter-finals. Messi and his colleague were knocked down 8-2 by the Bavarian team.

With an untitled rebound and a humiliating defeat, Barcelona’s management responded by replacing Quique Setien with Ronald Koeman. Barcelona sporting director Eric Abidal has also been sacked.