Maguire guilty of an incident in Greece and trying to appeal: Okezone Bola

MANCHESTER – Manchester United captain Harry Maguire reportedly appealed after convicted of assault, denied arrest and repeated attempts at bribery in court in Greece. The news was delivered direct from Man United through their official website.

As is known, Maguire was tried along with two other defendants on the island of Syros on Tuesday August 25, 2020 after being involved in an incident involving police while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece.

Maguire, who was in custody Thursday and Friday evenings, denies allegations that he committed acts of violence. In fact, however, he was still convicted of all charges by the three-headed minor offense court.

Now Maguire has also appealed through his legal team. Man United are also reportedly ready to help the England defender negotiate.

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“Harry Maguire pleaded not guilty to all charges of wrongdoing against him and continues to hold firm allegations that he is innocent,” said a Man United statement on its official website on Wednesday (25/8/2020).

“It should be noted that the prosecutor confirmed the charges and presented their evidence the day before the trial, leaving little time for the defense team to digest and prepare. The motion to postpone the case has been denied,” the continued Man United statement continued.

“On that basis, Harry Maguire’s legal team, along with substantial evidence refuting the charges, will now appeal the verdict in order to enable a full and fair trial at a later date,” Man United’s official statement concluded.

Now we’re just waiting for the result of the Maguire team’s appeal. Because of this case, it was rumored that Maguire could be fired from his status as captain of the team nicknamed The Red Devils.

Because what Maguire did has at least tarnished the Man United name, whether it’s true or not. Then how did the real thing happen?

Harry Maguire

Reportedly, Harry Maguire was arrested after a riot with police in Mykonos, Greece. It is known that the man from England is on vacation after the end of the competition. Before he clashed with the police, he was also involved in a tumult with other people.

According to Greek police spokesman Petros Vassilakis, his staff managed to resolve a dispute between Harry Maguire and several people. However, after the excitement subsided, the player and the other three sparked a fuss with authorities.