Too bad PSG couldn’t win the Champions League is a source of ridicule for Marseille players: Okezone the ball

LISBON – Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have yet to hold back their desire to win the Champions League. Once again, they failed to accept the trophy in the Big Ear, which had never existed.

This season, PSG reached the Champions League final for the first time. There is also high hopes that on this first opportunity they can win the title and write a great story.

In the final, however, PSG had an uncomfortable game against the German representative Bayern Munich. When dealing with a seasoned team, PSG’s ambitions don’t go well.

Until they were finally defeated by Bayern with a narrow result of 0: 1. The only goal in the game was scored by a former Les Parisiens player – PSG’s nickname – Kingsley Coman.

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That defeat actually received a reaction from PSG’s tough rival, Marseille. Thanks to PSG’s failure, Marseille are still the only French team able to win the Champions League title.

Hence, the moment of defeat was actually used by Marseille player Dimitri Payet to crack a joke. In fact, it wasn’t just a joke, Payet appeared to be upset about PSG’s defeat.

Via his Twitter account, Payet uploaded a video that really drained the emotions of PSG fans. In the video there is a PSG shirt with a star over the Les Parisiens logo.

Suddenly a hand appeared in the video that seemed to give the code “impossible”. After that, the PSG uniform video was postponed and it turned out that the zodiac sign belonged to the Marseille shirt. So the PSG shirt was just stacked on top of the Marseille shirt, which already had a star.

Suddenly it made the Marseille fans laugh, who are PSG’s big rivals. In fact, there are a lot of videos circulating of Marseille fans celebrating on the streets after PSG lost to Bayern.

Obviously this defeat was a heavy blow to PSG. The big projects PSG has carried out so far still have to deliver results in order to win the Champions League title.