Man United reportedly gave up the hunt for Jadon Sancho: okezone ball

MANCHESTER UNITED It has been reported that they have given up tracking their prey, Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, because he failed to reach an agreement on the price of the 20-year-old midfielder.

British media, according to Der Spiegel, claim that Man United will postpone the signing of Sancho until next year because they do not want to meet the Dortmund price.

It is widely rumored that Sancho will join Man United this season but is still hampered by an agreement.

Sancho reportedly has a personal agreement with Man United that will sign him for 5 years or through the summer of 2025.

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However, Sancho’s move was not made possible as there was no definitive agreement between Man United and Dortmund linking Sancho to a transfer value of £ 108m, or € 120 (roughly IDR 2.1 trillion).

The sports director of Borussia Dortmund, Sebastian Kehl, insists that Jadon Sancho stay at the club for at least one more season.

“Jadon is happy to stay in Dortmund. He has a contract until 2023,” said Kehl during a Dortmund web conference in Asia, citing the Spiegel.

“I saw him on the pitch and he is very happy. Everyone is very happy with him. He will be here for at least another season,” he added.

Photo / Twitter by Jadon Sancho

Kehl said that the composition of the current Dortmund team is a very good mix of young and experienced players.

“This team is the best we have. We have very good players, young and mature. We have tried to develop the team over the past few years,” he said.

“Hopefully we can win titles next season because titles are the most important – mostly at the end,” he continued.