The Persija Jakarta team underwent a physical test: Okezone Ball

JAKARTA – The Persija Jakarta team underwent a physical test on Saturday morning (August 22, 2020) as part of a joint training session on the PSAU Halim field in Jakarta.

Players are tested to keep moving between lines at the tempo of the sound. theory Beeb test performed to measure the fitness of players after five months of training.

Sudirman’s assistant coach who directed Pusa training under the conditions of the Kemayoran Tiger team. He is certain that players’ stamina will return to normal when they compete in League 1 2020, which starts again on October 1, 2020.

“The coaching team is very satisfied with this training session. Some players show maximum fitness on the field. I am sure that the endurance of all players will return to the original with the training program we are running, “said Sudirman.

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Sudriman previously said that the training percentage would be increased regularly so that the physical condition of the players would soon return to normal.

“I am sure that the physical condition of the players will return to their original state after the training we offer. They show high levels of motivation and enthusiasm,” added Sudirman.

Training was led by Sudirman as Persija’s head coach Sergio Farias was still in his native Brazil.

Young players take part in training

A total of five young Persija players took part in the training session for the Kemayoran Tigers senior national team. They are Sutan Zico, Salman Alfarid, Muhammad Ferrari, Figo Sapta and Alfriyanto Nico Saputro.

You will be prepared by Persija to meet the quota of U-20 players on the team before the 1st division 2020 on October 1st.

According to the latest regulations, two U-20 players must be added to the list of players.

“I think their quality is very good and their behavior on and off the pitch is also good. In addition, they are very excited during training, “said Sandi Sute, Persija midfielder.

“My message is to make good use of moments like this. I don’t want to lose to compete with the senior team. If you can do your best, show your quality here too,” he concluded.