Bayern reaches Champions League final, Kimmich: No excessive celebration: Okezone Bola

LISBON – Bayern Munich midfielder Joshua Kimmich said his team didn’t celebrate excessively after securing a spot in the 2019-2020 Champions League final. After successfully climbing into the top group, Kimmich said Bayern are very focused on facing the final.

In the final on Monday, August 24, 2020, WIB, Bayern will meet a huge team from France, namely Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), in the Estadio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Given the importance of the game, Bayern are focused on good preparation.

After the semi-final match, Bayern admitted that they wanted to recover before the final. This situation differs significantly from that of PSG, which had a small party after rising to the top party.

“We are happy and proud that we are in the final. There are no excessive celebrations in the dressing room, but more focus on the final”, quoted Kimmich on Friday (21.8.2020) on the official website of Bayern.

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“That’s what sets us apart today. We’ll take a rest and then leave (to play the final),” he added.

Meanwhile, Bayern successfully made it to the final after beating another French representative, Olympique Lyon. In the game, which took place on Thursday, August 20, 2020, in the early morning of the West Indonesian time at the Estadio Jose Alvalade, FC Bayern won 3-0.

Kimmich also tried to comment on the game as a very difficult game. He admitted his side were under a lot of pressure from Lyon before Bayern finally made it 1-0. The goal by Serge Gnabry in the 18th minute also let Bayern rise. Gnabry scored the second goal in 33 minutes and was closed by Robert Lewandowski’s goal in 88 minutes.

“The opening goal is the key to victory. Lyon have two or three good chances at the start. As expected, this is a difficult game, “he continued.

Bayern Munich

“The 1-0 came out of nowhere. But from then on we got better and did well after a nervous start. So that’s not bad, “he continued.

“Lyon are good but they can’t really put us under pressure. In the beginning we lost the ball too often. Fortunately, they don’t take advantage of that, “he concluded.