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Coach Akins with Safety Trevor Dye



Coach Akins Morning Practice

Herman Akins

Trust the Process Athletics Regional Combine

1:30 pm Thursday 25 January 2018

Before the first day events

AFI: Hi Herman, thanks for bringing me out for the event.  Please tell me what you’ve got going on?

Herman: Today is an event for underrated athletes.  Guys who are out there and have really good talent but get overlooked and have a hard time being seen.  Trust the Process Athletics is the company.  We started about three years ago and we’re here for each individual athlete to understand that if you have your mind on something then go ahead and trust the process.  Today we have teams from arena and international football, and maybe even some CFL teams might be coming out tomorrow.  We’re getting guys to show their talents to professional teams.  Today we’ll be doing Combine Testing, tomorrow is interviews, meetings, practice, and then Saturday, the final day, we’re having an all-star game.  

6:15pm Thursday 25 January 2018

After the event

AFI: Are you happy with what you saw out there today?

Herman:  Yes, for the most part, I am. A lot of guys who you wouldn’t expect a lot from came out and proved some stuff to the coaches.  It’s about moving forward and we had guys who came

out and worked hard. We can’t hand it to them.  We can give them the opportunity but we can’t

hand it to them.  A lot of guys don’t prepare, and if you don’t it’s not going to come out.  

AFI: How well do you think these guys took to coaching?

Each athlete took the coaching how they should have.  Are they coachable?  Some guys adapt differently from others but whatever they were told there was no talking back, everything was good.  

8:30 am Friday, January 2018

Before the event

AFI:  Goodmorning Coach Akin.  Tell me what’s going to happen here today?

Akin:  Practice, meetings, a walkthrough, interviews, headshot photos, the whole 9.  Anything it takes to give these guys the opportunity to get to the next level.  

AFI:  How do you think yesterday went?

Akin:  Yesterday we had a lot of guys surprise the whole coaching staff running 4.2 40’s, 4.3 40’s and shuttles and broad jumps.  One guy, I think he jumped like 10’3.  That’s excellent. Just seeing these guys is very exciting because like I said, most of these athletes, no coaches know about them and we’re about to shine a light on them.  

AFI: Anyone stand out for you?

Akin: Yeah, a few of them.  Wade Cyr plays O-line and D-line, he’s like 6’5, 6’6 and around 340 lbs. Trevor Dye, the Safety, I think he’s 6’ and 215 lbs.  

AFI: Good sized for a Safety.

Akin:  Yes, and he ran a 4.3.  In the short shuttle, I believe he did 3.86.  He has good change of direction, but no matter what, he’s moving.  Coach Res (Josh Resignalo) is doing a great job getting in guys head and letting them know that.  It’s important to move fast and get around, so it’s going to be really fun.

AFI: There are a couple of guys out here who have already played some pro ball?

Akin: Yes, most definitely.  I think that’s why it’s important to them to be more serious.  Royce Roxas played for the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles and the Cedar Rapids Titans.  Salt Lake just folded so that’s why this is important for him.  He’s professional level so he’s moving around good I think on his forty he ran a 5.6 and he’s like 6’6 and 350 lbs.  Rafael Lawson-Green is the guy who jumped 10’3 and he signed with the Green Bay Blizzard.  He’s a really good athlete

6:04pm Friday 26 January 2018

After the event

AFI:  How do you think practice went today?

Herman: Today we did really well.  I’m really proud of these guys.  They all came here not knowing each other and now they’re laughing and having fun like they’re best friends.  There’s a lot of

togetherness now.  That’s what it’s all about, networking.  The next guy might be able to help you more than your parents do down the road.  This is not only really helpful in the playing sense, it’s also helpful in the growing up since.  Right now I’m very happy.  

AFI: How do you think they’ll do in the game tomorrow?

Herman:  I’m confident.  I’m a real sore loser (laughter), but like I told them, win or lose they came here to gain exposure.  A lot of these athletes out here turned a lot of heads.  I’m just glad I was able to do my part to give these guys the opportunity, but they’re the ones that took the chance and came out here and made it happen.


Joshua ( J.T.) Sanders

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Than Harrington and Royce Roxas: After the Game

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Coach Tarrell Cowan, giving back to the game

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